Contradictory aspects of natural in cosmetics [1st free live webinar]

The concept of natural can be understood in very different ways and has no generally accepted (legal) definition. Natural cosmetics represent an alternative to conventional cosmetic products, in which completely synthetic ingredients typically prevail. Ingredients of natural origin have proven physiological and cosmetic effects. However, generalizing the concept that natural ingredients are better for the skin simply because they come from nature has no scientific rationale.

Progress in natural cosmetics is moving in the direction of scientific approaches. Cosmetically active ingredients of natural origin have become the cornerstone of evidence-based formulating in terms of cosmetic effects and successful marketing. However, many aspects of quality must be considered to achieve high-performing cosmetics.

For that reason the Modern CosmEthics Team organized 1st live webinar in which it was presented:

  • Different criteria for defining natural cosmetics
  • Basic physiology of the skin
  • Examples of ‘good’ and ‘bad’ natural ingredients from our skin’s point of view
  • Examples of appropriately and poorly used cosmetically active ingredients in formulations

Modern CosmEthics is an association that builds and promotes the culture of natural, ethical and cosmetically active products through the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate. The association also provides evidence-based information and educates users about cosmetic ingredients of natural origin through the Modern Cosmetics book.

Webinar presentation with Q&A: link

Webinar video: 

The lecture was given by Katja Schoss, Master’s degree in Industrial Pharmacy, Bachelor’s degree in Cosmetic Sciences.

Katja Schoss

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