Organic lavender hydrosol

The delicate scent of organic lavender, captured in flower water, is soothing for all skin types, especially sensitive adult and baby skin. Since ancient times, lavender has been added to baths, used to cleanse the skin, disinfect, cool sunburns and more. The refreshing scent of the hydrosol can also be used to impart a pleasant scent to laundry and furniture.

INCI: Lavandula Angustifolia Flower Water*
*organically produced


About brand

Malinca is a brand encompassing healthy and organic food, food supplements and natural, organic cosmetics. The Malinca brand features around 100 different nutritional and cosmetic products. Malinca favours products from controlled organic production and advocates ingredient transparency.

Their products are carefully selected, tested and developed by experts who understand how natural ingredients work. High-quality natural ingredients provide gentle, natural and highly effective care. The company’s mission is also to educate and raise awareness about a healthy lifestyle. This includes both a healthy diet and natural cosmetics, because what we put on our skin is equally important as what we eat.

Malinca excels at organic natural cosmetics, a fact also recognized by satisfied users who have remained loyal to Malinca cosmetics for years.

Product availability: Slovenia (link)