Why us

For the benefit of awared consumers, future generations and the only nature we have, we are co-creating a new cosmetic era. With you.
Respectful of the consumer, the skin and the environment

With the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate, we are establishing the concept of active cosmetic products that contain the right ingredients in suitable concentrations to deliver the desired skin effects. Our mission is our promise against empty claims and misleading advertising.

During the certification process, we evaluate a cosmetic product’s composition based on the principles of skin physiology and modern cosmetology to provide high dermal compatibility.

We follow strict criteria to achieve the highest level of environmental protection. Only physiologically and ecologically acceptable cosmetic ingredients that are highly biodegradable are allowed.

What does cosmethically active stand for?

CosmEthically ACTIVE is a construction that summarises our principles. We believe that cosmetic products should be cosmetically active, meaning they have the ability to express the desired cosmetic activity because cosmetically active ingredients are incorporated in suitable concentrations, and ethical, meaning they contain ingredients of natural origin, are skin and environmentally friendly, and are not tested on animals. By merging these concepts, CosmEthically ACTIVE was born.