About us

Modern CosmEthics is an international association of cosmetic science professionals that promotes natural, sustainable, ethical and cosmetically active products.
About us
We believe in the basic principles of nature and the power of independent scientific knowledge.

At Modern CosmEthics, we are building a highly professional team to contribute to the establishment of natural cosmetics as a branch of high-quality, physiologically compatible and sustainable cosmetics.

We encourage you to take the challenge, and follow us in supporting, promoting and creating a natural, sustainable and healthy world.

Our Team

Assoc. Prof. Nina Kočevar Glavač, PhD.
Master of Pharmacy

Nina is the mastermind of Modern CosmEthics activities, and now leads an expert group for cosmetic product review during the CosmEthically ACTIVE certification process. She is a pharmacist by profession and a doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, who educates students, professionals and the general public about medicinal plants and cosmetic ingredients of natural origin, and researches them in a laboratory setting. In her professional and private life, she shares her love and respect for the richness of the natural world.

Assist. Katja Schoss
Bachelor of Cosmetic Sciences, Master of Industrial Pharmacy

Katja has had a love for flowers, herbs and cosmetics since she was a child. This is one of the many reasons she earned her degree in the field of cosmetic science, where she gained knowledge about all types of cosmetic products and decided that natural products are the best. She is always searching for new ingredients, and focuses on those that can grow in her own garden and can be used in her own cosmetic formulas for herself, her friends and work. As a team manager at Modern CosmEthics, she is responsible for day-to-day activities and work organisation.

Anja Prešern
Master of Pharmacy

The words of evidence-based knowledge presented in our articles are written by our accurate, indefatigable and determined Anja. Indeed, passion to research cosmetic ingredients and substances that have the power to influence our body was the main reason for Anja’s choice to study pharmacy. Even now, as a master of pharmacy working in the pharmaceutical industry, she maintains her interest in cosmetics. She is keen on investigating scientific studies, to bring facts closer to our readers.

Ana Marolt
Bachelor of Cosmetic Sciences

Ana has had a passion for cosmetics from her early years. She has always loved discovering new cosmetic products and doing her own formulating experiments. If we ask her ‘Why CosmEthically natural?’ she answers honestly that her sensitive skin is prone to allergies, and so she supports well-designed, active and skin-friendly cosmetics even more. She graduated in cosmetic science and passes now the gained knowledge into her daily routine, and shares it to advise and help others. At Modern CosmEthics, she serves as our support in professional matters and general work activities.

Antonia Koštić
Master of Pharmacy

Antonia has always been deeply interested in natural cosmetics and how they benefit the skin’s health and our well-being. Today, she is holds a master’s degree in pharmacy, and is a clean skin and diet enthusiast. She upgraded her basic knowledge and experience in various laboratory projects and community pharmacies. Her goal is to continue to learn about natural cosmetics and develop truly beneficial products. Within the Modern CosmEthics team, she is responsible for scientific research, analysis and updating the knowledge and ingredient database.

Ajda Jevšnikar

Even as a child, Ajda was interested in caring for nature. In recent years, her passion for cosmetics and plants has grown considerably. She is currently studying for a Bachelor of Cosmetic Sciences and plans to continue her studies. In her private life, she is actively searching for the best natural ingredients and is very environmentally conscious. In our team, she plays an important role in managing our social media, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives and keeping everyone up to date on new trends.

Nadja Štradjot

Nadja is pursuing her degree in cosmetic science, a field she is deeply passionate about. Her interest in the field was sparked by experiencing skin problems in her early teenage years, so now she takes great pride in educating those around her about the use of cosmetic products to help them better their skin and boost their confidence, while also ensuring they use products that are safe, backed by research and of the highest quality. She believes that communication is key to success and as a member of the Gen Z generation, she is also well-versed in social media and how to use it to reach and educate the masses.

Why us

For the benefit of awared consumers, future generations and the only nature we have, we are co-creating a new cosmetic era. With you.
Respectful of the consumer, the skin and the environment

With the CosmEthically ACTIVE certificate, we are establishing the concept of active cosmetic products that contain the right ingredients in suitable concentrations to deliver the desired skin effects. Our mission is our promise against empty claims and misleading advertising.

During the certification process, we evaluate a cosmetic product’s composition based on the principles of skin physiology and modern cosmetic science to provide high dermal compatibility.

We follow strict criteria to achieve the highest level of environmental protection. Only physiologically and ecologically acceptable cosmetic ingredients that are highly degradable are allowed.

What does CosmEthically ACTIVE stand for?

CosmEthically ACTIVE is a construction that summarises our principles. We believe that cosmetic products should be cosmetically active, meaning they have the ability to express the desired cosmetic activity because cosmetically active ingredients are incorporated in suitable concentrations, and ethical, meaning they contain ingredients of natural origin, are skin and environmentally friendly, and are not tested on animals. By merging these concepts, CosmEthically ACTIVE was born.