Properties: antimicrobial, antioxidant
Applications: very refreshing and invigorating, nourishes your hair
Possible allergens present: linalool

100% nature 100% pure
Steam distilled and filtered
Origin: Slovenia, Istria
Instructions: spray on the skin, can be used several times a day.
Packaging: 100ml transparent glass bottles with pump spray and 500ml transparent glass bottles

INCI: Rosmarinus Officinalis Leaf Water


About brand

Bonistra is a story of cultivating and processing herbs indigenous to the Istrian area into hydrolats and essential oils. The mission of Bonistra, however, is much larger, as it also supports the efforts to preserve the cultural heritage of indigenous herbs, incites interest in growing herbs naturally, and provides professional education in the process of steam distillation of herbs, i.e. the production of quality hydrolats and essential oils. Bonistra focuses especially on the recognition of hydrolats and their use in everyday life, as well as the responsible attitude to and use of essential oils by individuals.

Following five years of professional activity, Bonistra recognises a joint opportunity in connecting smaller producers, also distillers in the Istrian area. The idea is to offer high-quality essential oils and hydrolat of various smaller producers, but only those who cultivate indigenous Istrian herbs, under the brand name Bonistra. The proposed project is far from simple, however. Trust, fairness and honesty are the basis that will connect and unite us. Uniform high standards will lead us to maintain the quality of the end product and ensure the satisfaction of users. We want to transmit, spread and actualise the story and philosophy of Bonistra that we believe in with all those smaller producers in Istria (Slovenian, Croatian and Italian part of Istria) who are interested in such a joint market presence and recognition. We are connected by enthusiasm, we are connected by knowledge, we are connected by experience, we are connected by herbs and we are connected by space. The Istrian peninsula is unique in its position in the Mediterranean. Herbs have traditionally been present in Istria both in its cuisine and therapeutically, especially in the form of teas and tinctures, in the last years also essential oils and hydrolats.
In cooperation with its partners, Bonistra also organises field trips to visit project partners, as well as the always popular practical presentations of herb distillation, and thus continues to strive for a personal approach, offering each of you a chance to learn about where these wonderful, aromatic drops of hydrolats and essential oils that carry the name Bonistra come from.

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