CosmEthically ACTIVE Journal – Volume 1

Dear Readers,

The first Volume of the CosmEthically ACTIVE Journal has finally seen the light of day! The team that works ‘behind the scenes’ has put great efforts to follow our main goal: To bring you reliable information in the areas of cosmetic science and so-called natural cosmetics.

Although the Modern CosmEthics association is oriented primarily toward science-based activities, the CosmEthically ACTIVE Journal is not a scientific journal. It is intended for a wider audience, to be your:

– relevant source of literature,

– state-of-the-art and reliable information about cosmetic science and natural cosmetics, and

– inspiration in building or improving your own cosmetics story.

If you are a student, formulator, brand owner or natural cosmetics enthusiast, don’t miss the Volume 1 highlights:

– answers about how to contribute to eco-friendliness and sustainability in cosmetics,

– science-based formulating tips, and

– knowledge about emerging green technologies as sources of cosmetically active ingredients.

Since the Modern CosmEthics association is actively involved in the CosmEthically ACTIVE certification, we have also included some articles to explain specific certificate criteria in order to make them transparent, using scientific evidence in their support.

Scroll over the pages to see what we have prepared for you. Enjoy the read and then carefully think about how we as individuals can contribute to better cosmetics formulating practices and to a better cosmetics world, to better consumption habits and to greater sustainability. Every small step matters!

Finally, it is you and us who build the future of active and environment-friendly cosmetics. I am therefore kindly inviting you, the cosmetic scientists, to work with us to bring interesting, reliable and relevant topics in the area of cosmetics closer to our valuable readers. Please contact us at

You, the valuable readers, are kindly invited, too, to cooperate with us and send us suggestions, thoughts or issues you’re dealing with. We’ll explore scientific literature for you to find answers and broaden your knowledge.

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Sending you CosmEthically ACTIVE wishes.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nina Kocevar Glavac,
Editor in Chief

Nina Kočevar Glavač

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